Originally posted on another platform in August 2009

I must confess that, initially, I did not really like Amsterdam

Let me explain… We landed in Schiphol, which resembled a train station and we caught a 2 storey train towards Amsterdam. David had really been going on about how dangerous Central Station was and how careful I had to be with my belongings… You can imagine my scared face (which is really my “don’ttouchmythingsorIwillbatteryou” face, to scare people off) and how quickly I ran towards the hotel. The works around the city did not help towards my impression of the city.

We reached the hotel, which was alright considering the rate, what I did not like was the street where it was, which reminded me of Magalluf and some shady areas of Berlin too… Buff, I thought…

But to Amsterdam’s defense, it is a city with great atmosphere. Yes, we were there in the summer when it was full of tourists, but Amsterdam has this “vibe” and I had the feeling that it must be just as cool during the winter. It’s a place to walk about, to relax in and to take in the tranquility of Dutch people. Once you have been there long enough you understand why they are the way they are and also why they are at the forefront of history.

My top 5 in Amsterdam:

The canals and the architecture around them
Anne Frank’s house – I got goosebumps
The Begijnhof
Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam Dungeons – even if I was picked on during the show 🙂  – I was accused of witchcraft and of having danced around the Dam naked,


Heineken Experience
The Dam

Didn’t like

The red light district… Pathetic
The bicycles –  aaarrrrggghhh, it’s great that they use them but, please, mind the pedestrian!

Overall, I know I will be back to Amsterdam many times.