Originally written in January 2011, having just finished our Southeast Asian adventure.

Those that know me are aware that i am a pretty responsible person with a, somewhat, excessive attitude to work, spending more time in the office than relaxing and enjoying life outside. I also hope that those that know me have not forgotten the multiple great qualities that I have too 😝

This trip was my salvation. For some reason, I had given in and lost my inner strength, my stubbornness, my capacity to say : “that’s it”, the capacity to say no. Yes, it’s take me 3 and a half months to realise that, in life, you can be exposed to many situations, but only those in your personal life are the ones that truly matter. Work is a means to generate money to have a better life, and whilst it would be advisable that you have a fulfilling job, it does not have to define you. As they say, you only live once, and I am aiming to have the happiest, quietest, most fulfilling life possible. I make it my responsibility in honour of those that I have encountered in the trip and that don’t have the chance to do so.

In this world there are a lot of people with a lot less than we have (and we don’t have a lot). Despite that they are a lot happier than I was, sitting in my apartment each weekend, knowing that I had to change my life, yet with the very adult fear of change.

This journey was very much as physical as mental and I would like to recognise and thank the people that helped me along the way in the following list:

1) David, my best companion. Thank you for taking me out to see the world, wouldn’t have been able to do it without you X

2) Thanks to Southeast Asia for being so different

3) Thank you to Paul, Bill and June, for looking after us so well in Thailand, the Philippines and for all the suggestions, which were all on point and very helpful.

4) Thank you to Pasieu and Phill for sharing the best lunch and dinner options on our first stopover in Khao Lak and for helping us to discover the real Thai cuisine. I really must include Jane Issan in this point, this lady makes the best laab gai.

5) Thank you to Domnhall, Ian and Fran, who we met in Hue, for all the laughs in Vietnam and Phi Phi in Thailand. Thanks also to Gman, Stretch and Steve – the “tuh tuh” in “Banghoh” will never be the same. A thousand thanks also to Caroline, Glady, Ed Byrne (Justin) and the rest of the gang in Halong Bay and best of luck in the future. Many thanks to the guys from Galicia who we met in Chiang Mai and paid for our food – very kind of you, all we did was give a little advice! I hope your trip was as exciting as ours. Last but not least, thanks also to the Catalan guys we met in Palawan – guys, I’ll never forget your stories about crossing from Tibet to China.

6) Thank you Royal Palace (Bangkok), white beach (Khao Lak), Petronas towers (KL), Masjid Negara (KL), Fort Cornuallis (Penang), Merlion (Singapore), Chocolate Hills (Bohol), Saigon (Vietnam), Hoi An (Vietnam), Halong Bay (Vietnam), Killing Fields (Pnom Penh), Angkor (Siem Reap)…. Thank you for being so immensely incredible.

7) Thank you to all the locals we encountered, I hope your God(s) look after you. Special mentions go to the gent that helped us in Bangkok with the tuk tuk, the lady in the restroom in KL, the receptionist in Hoang Trinh in Hoi An, the Muslim kids in Palawan, the kid selling books in Pnom Penh (so funny, I hope he gets to go to school) and the kids in Angkor… Such a pity that their intelligence is being used in the streets.

And last but not least…

Thanks to the kid with the bike in the Cambodian border. May you always keep your innocence and may you have a bright future ahead of you.

Thanks for reading the adventure, do not tune out – there are other destinations coming!